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Thread: Need help with picking up my mic on reaper

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    Need help with picking up my mic on reaper

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    Need help with picking up my Mic on Reaper
    Hi so I'm new to these forums. I just moved across the world from Ireland to LA to pursue music. I also brought over my small recording gear to make some music at home. For some reason my DAW Reaper won't pick up my Audio Technica 20/20 Mic like before. I use a focusrite Safire 6 interface and art tube preamp. In order to hear anything from the mic however I need to throw the input all the way to the top on my preamp, as well as push the +20 gain and push the instr button on my interface. I never had to do this previously, I don't know am I forgetting anything or what's wrong. Please any advice would be more than appreciated.

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    do you have phantom power on?

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