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Thread: I need some help mixing vocals. Is this the place to ask that?

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    Question I need some help mixing vocals. Is this the place to ask that?

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    So I had two artists come over about 3 days ago to record a song, now the beat that they used was pulled off of YouTube and sent to me. I know I know, already it makes it difficult and on top of that the two voices (A boy & girl) are extremely different, I'm talking massively the girl has a very strong singing voice something like Adele and the guy has a pretty heavy bass voice similar to Wiz but much deeper. They recorded just a few parts of the song and I am supposed to mix them but the issue is, is that I have only ever edited my own voice and I have never mixed a Youtube beat how do I go about doing this? If you guys have any answers please let me know because as of right now I am stuck. I checked youtube and other forums about completing this task but to me they just don't sound right, if it helps I am recording with a RODE NT1-A linked to a Scarlett FocusRite 2i2 and this was all done through FL Studio 12. Thank you!
    - Levi​

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    try referencing a track that has a style your trying to emulate. don't be intimidated by the voice, think of it as any other instrument.. EQ and COMPRESSION will make a difference between a good and a bad vocal, but then again the beat is baked into a .wav or .mp3 so it'll be difficult because you don't have access to the stems. are you working with both male and female voices combined together?

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    it will be hard because the instrumental has already been compressed a few times and there more than likely isn't going to be a lot of space, if any, for vocals. And the beat was probably stolen. You shouldn't encourage that. Tell them to purchase the trackouts.

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