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Thread: How to send a Beat Pack in 2017

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    How to send a Beat Pack in 2017

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    I wanted to make a video on how to send a large beat pack via Google drive.

    I believe this is the easiest and most efficient way to send a large amount of files.

    Perfect if you need to send 10-100 beats.

    (I slick think google drive was made for producers).

    I'm always getting the question, how should I send beats? Well, this is how. It actually took me some time to discover this, I've been sending all types of ways before, this is hands down the best way.

    Anyways just wanted to share, let me know if this was helpful to anyone. For some of you this a "well duh" moment, if that's you f*ck off.

    1. Go to:
    2. Click "new", then "new folder"
    3. Inside of new folder, click "new", "file upload"
    4. Select files and open
    5. Get a share link of folder by right clicking or by clicking sideways link looking button

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    this is nice good video!

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