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Thread: How to record perfect audio from your keyboard

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    How to record perfect audio from your keyboard

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    Many people would like to record the sounds from their keyboard synth and not a VST.
    Recording direct audio is always best for the natural sound however you may have a do numerous takes to get the right timing, avoid mistakes, correct velocity e.g.

    I suggest you set up you DAW to record both Audio and MIDI at the same time - note that you need an Audio interface. A USB connection from a keyboard will NOT work and you need MIDI in and out for this to work.

    1. Connect your keyboard to your Audio interface via the Red and White audio cables, and at the same time connect the MIDI cables (in and out).
    2. Set up your DAW so both the Audio and MIDI tracks are on record at the same time.
    3. Record and play.
    4. When finished you should be see both the wave form from the Audio and the dashes from the MIDI tracks.
    5. Listen to the Audio file, and observe what needs changing.
    6. Mute the Audio file, and set the MIDI output to your keyboard so it plays the sound back through your keyboard.
    7. It is here where you make the adjustments to the timing, velocity e.g.
    8. Once complete you play the MIDI track while recording on the Audio track - and voila !!!! The perfect audio recording using the sound from your synth.
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