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Thread: Helping the FP Community

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    Helping the FP Community

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    Hi guys,

    So this morning I had an idea regarding my creative (album) process that involves YOU.
    The main theme of my upcoming album is how life itself is very short. Because of that, I suddenly felt an urge to live life to the fullest and that's where you guys come in.
    The thing I love most in life is music, I want to hear as much of it as possible before I am gone (however soon or late that will be). I want to hear what the producers of the future create today. Therefore I started this SoundCloud Group:

    I want to hear everything, no matter what genre, no matter how strange, post everything you create and feel like posting, no filters. I would like everybody to be involved in listening to everybody else's work and complimenting/critiquing it where necessary. I feel like this could be the start of a really cool community project, which could help all of us out equally through the exposure we get by listening to each others work (which will in time grow all of our SC followings). Also when we have enough material in the group, with everybody's permission, I would like to create one big mixtape with the best of everything. That mixtape will hopefully complete the album and will be available as a free download (along with the rest of the tracks on the album, I have 2 more tracks in the making).

    Hope you guys like my train of thought, I look forward to hearing your submissions!
    Also feel free to comment on here with your idea's on how to make my idea better.
    I've already started the whole thing by posting 4 of my tracks (available for free download).



    Album progress:

    Get in touch with me:
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