Go For The Goal

As a rapper, I know you want to succeed, I know you want to "make it". But the only way to succeed is by having a goal and fulfilling it. This is proven by the definition of success, which is the attainment of a worthy goal.

Success isn't just a one-time thing, it is an ongoing process where you achieve higher and higher goals. So the important thing here that you want to take from this is that you need to make goals. An easy way of doing this is by making monthly goals.

The way I do it is very simple, I write down a goal that is quantifiable meaning it can be expressed in quantity. For example, a quantifiable goal would be to get 3000 dollars in a month. It is easier to work with quantity compared to just something like an idea of getting money.

Now the trick is to break down your monthly goals to daily goals and practices. So for 3000 dollars per month, it would break down into 100 dollars per day. Now you can focus on the actions and behaviours to get that 100 dollars per day. And once you do that for 30 days you would accomplish your monthly goal.

The important thing is to remember to write down your goals. If you don't do that it will only be a wish.

"Goals that are not written down are just wishes"

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