What's up guys. I've been producing music for media projects for the last 12 years. For the last 1.5 years I took a massive break from making any music. I probably made just 1 track in all of 2015-2016. I decided I wanted to quit making media music and just focus on building my career as an electronic artist. So here I am after over a year of production break and just getting back into making music again. This time just focusing on what I want to make, focusing on my sounds, not having to deal with client tantrums etc.

With this liberation also comes a loss of production muscle. From not having sat before any DAW for 18 months to jumping right back into it, I am facing a massive creator's block. There seems to be a huge in coming up with ideas and sounds in my head. I know this is natural and the more I sit and play around the faster my chops will come back.

But I would like to hear from you guys what is your best method to get back into production in full form after such a long break, if any of you have been in a situation like this before.. While this would help me, it would also help fellow producers who are currently sailing in the same boat as me.

I look forward to your comments