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Thread: But my mixtape is free so it's legal !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpthrust View Post
    That's it...and the list of songs that have used it is disgusting.

    Hijacked thread being returned now.

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    really useful info

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    5) Copyright law accounts for not only the recording and distribution of works, it also covers the performance of work. That means if you jump on stage at your local club and do your freestyle over Drake 0-100 beat, you are violating copyright. Even if you just use a small sample of it. A COVERAGE is different however.*

    6. A cover must be extremely close to the original song. You do not need permission before you do it but the copyright owner must be paid royalties and credited at all times.

    These aren't necessarily true as stated, well at least there's more to them. Pertaining to #5, If you jump on stage at your local club, is it not the clubs responsibility as a venue to have purchased the proper blanket licenses and not the artist? As the business is the one benefiting from the performance, it's their responsibility. However, if you record your set there and go to sell the SR on disc, you would then have to obtain a compulsory mechanical license, which basically allows you to use the copyright given that you agree to pay the statutory rate (Not the SR copyright, mind you. They are different things). As for #6, this is true and also falls into the same license issue as you mentioned with the royalties and crediting, but I wouldn't say it has to be "extremely" close. The idea is that you can't fundamentally change the work, which basically means MAJOR changes. For example, re-writing the song for lounge style, with a different chord progression and changing half of the lyrics would be considered a fundamental change. Other than that, the only real requirements for the CML beyond no major changes, are that it's NOT the first recording of the work and that the license applies to AUDIO, video is another issue entirely. Other than that, this is quite a useful post for anyone not familiar with the rules, solid information. Thanks for sharing.

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    Listen to Fam, They're Gonna Sue You If You Don't Clear Those Samples by Rap Ratz Radio #np on #SoundCloud

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    See what happens when money and politics infect music...

    everyone wants to get paid for their sorry ass "intellectual property"

    Beethoven's estate demands their royalty checks and Shakepeare's descendants are entitled to a piece of every playhouse in the world.
    Oh and if you sang "Oh Suzanna" as a child, you owe and they will collect.

    I'm obviously joking but isn't it sad when someone who utterly lacks talent would be suing someone who probably did them a favor by making a better version of their song?

    It's all so f*&king hilarious...and idiotic.

    Digital DNA is the next big field for piece of sh*t lawyers. Since we are the ones studying, we may as well get paid for consults

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