Whats good fellas. If i could get some feedback and possible advise on this i would really appreciate it.

So... we are going to be starting up a production house. Everything will be based around the website. On the website we will offer not only our services but also stock audio, photos, and video. (Kinda like the audio jungle type deal but from our solo production house.)
In order to do this, a website with all the capabilities needs to be created and maintained. I have an educational background in digital media design (But i dropped out) But i know the basics of website creation. Allthough creating a website of this magnitude is faaaaaaaaar beyond my capabilities. We are going to need photo galleries, audio galleries and video galleries. As well as the Ecommerce capabilities. I know for a fact i cannot do this with my current knowledge.
I contacted web.com and got a quote for all of this and they said it would be 3500$ for the website creation, as well as 375$ a month to maintain it. On top of that in order to have the Ecommerce capabilities it would be 150$ a month as well as a 1% transaction fee. They offer a whole truck load of services which i think would be worth it, but that kind of massive overhead and capital alone to start this up will be damn near crippling. I have three others that will be on board and be partners in on this which i know the cost could be split. But from a business standpoint that overhead would be massive for this start up.

I do have the means to create this website myself. I'll have to purchase the Dreamweaver license (Which i am fairly familiar with that program) but then i will have to learn AAAAALLLLLLLLLLL of that. How to place multiple galleries, multiple media viewing plugins, and Ecommerce capabilities. But i think that the time it would take me to learn this would be kill me, along with having a full time job to pay the bills and being a full time father of three kids.
So my question is..... Have any of yall been there and done that and got the T shirt on this issue? And is the start up cost and overhead worth it, or should i take the route where i learn how to do this myself, given my current situation.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.