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Thread: Why do I suck at making beats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OMGITSKENNY View Post
    Straight up, stop trying so hard and start having fun. You need to let go and see what happens. When you sit and over think everything, youre never going to find a proper direction. Maybe making trap beats isnt for you. Try messing around with sounds, try listening to new music. Branch out.
    Listen to him ^^^^ thats a big part of it!

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    One word my friend practice

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    I am a beginner and get frustrated too, so I am taking a break and am brushing up on music theory. I have a basic understanding of the base concepts but need to step my game up. My advice would be to get in the theory books and get a book or two on composition. There are a couple of dummies guides that are great.

    Don't be afraid to learn theory or think it will stifle any creativity because that is straight up bullshit. Knowing the theory would only help your creativity rather than hinder it. If you slap together something without knowing about theory and it sounds good - that's music theory at work. If you know about the theory you will know why it sounds good and you will be better able to make a beat. It really doesn't take too much learning to get to grips with chords/scales/ other basics and they will help a lot especially when you start.

    That and as has been said practice practice practice and just go in and have fun - something I admittedly have to work on which is why I am taking a break. Just compose over and over, don't try for a masterpiece just practice. When it stops being fun stop trying to make a beat and have a break.

    You could also try dissecting and analysing beats you like to get an insight to how the producers you like craft their beats. I am a beginner to it but I found it help to learn how the songs are structured, how their drums work, how their harmonic rhythm is and how they worked the melody.
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    2 years is not a lot of time when it comes to something as complex as music, I've been producing since 2006 and I feel like I'm still only scratching on the surface of what is possible.
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    You should try switching up your production techniques. Start with different instruments than you usually start with. Try starting a beat with a harp sound, or a shaker loop. If you start with drums usually than try next time with a bass line or melody.

    If you keep trying the same thing over and over again you are not going to get any better. Einstein said that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    Good luck

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    I have the same problem. I often flip out when I am not getting the results I want. I guess this is normal and we all get frustrated when this type of thing happens. I like this forum because there are a lot of like-minded individuals with great technical advice but none of this can fix what is happening inside of you. Just be at piece with your work. If you know that you are giving it your all and trying to get better then who gives a flying fuhdoodle about negativity. Don't let it get to you. Also, remember that you must control your ego a little bit because it's bad thinking to assume that people are focusing too much on your work and criticizing you when the reality is that most of people really don't have the time to hate on your stuff (and screw them if they do). It's amazing how much better my beats get when I focus on just making an ill production. When you first open that program with the intention of making the best song you can possibly make instead of forcing yourself to out do everyone can make all the difference. I just tell myself, "do it for the enjoyment and don't pressure yourself."
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    The above advice of 'try again keep at it' is definitely the most important thing. Set very small goals and achieve them as to not be discouraged. PM me a link to your music and maybe I can help you focus in on something that needs work.
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    Some problems with your brain you will be born with , others will develop through childhood (and the rest of life alike) and it is your job to figure out the 'why' of the negative traits you have ; such as uncontrollable anger. All in all - these things make you every bit who you are , no less than your positive traits.
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    Learn Theory and Skills!!!
    Everyday try and learn a new skill to be applied, it just takes time.

    With regards to you saying you videos of guys making it look so easy, yes this is true, but that's cause they have there work flow and usually the beat is thought out first. I used to try so hard to make a beat and add all these elements and bring out good melodies and chord progressions and it would sound good, but then I'd watch someone on the net who can't even play piano make a nice beat using one finger. I started to notice that a lot of times, the melody and music theory side of things can be as simple as ABC but it's the sounds chosen and the mix that can immediately give off a good vibe.

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    take a step back then analyze your own music and compare it to others, then make a list on places and techniques where you feel you need to improve. then take time out of making music to work on those techniques instead, one by one until theyre all completed. then analyze again and do the same thing and youll notice your beats will improve gradually. 2 years isnt long either, im at it almost 13 years with breaks and still feel like ive a ton to learn.

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    Start off by actually knowing music first. I have been producing for almost 3 years but I have been in music for 10 years, I'm 21. The most important thing is knowing your music such as rhythms and chords. I'm not saying go and take a full course of music theory because hell I can't tell you the first thing about a B flat major triad lol; you just want to get your ears trained to hear certain rhythms and chords because they will help you get in tocuh with your work.

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