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Thread: Why do I suck at making beats?

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    Why do I suck at making beats?

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    Im 16 and I had fl studio for 2 years almost now and im still not good..i can make a beat here and there but they don't have that radio feeling sound..they sound different...i make trap beats, but they sound different from what you would normally hear. I wanna make professionally sounding beats not whatever im making..i try extremely hard and watch all these tutorials on YouTube and these cats making it look easy..i try and once i fail about 4 times in a row to even get a good melody(which where i struggle the most) i end up pissed off for the rest off the night with a bad already hot tempered and/or bi-polar and mixed with the fustration of sucking at what i strive drives me insane...i cant expressed how pissed i am..once im like this i cant even take a break cuz its like a tumor that just sits in my mind and all i can think bout is the rap beat that im unable to produce in my can i do...i got nexus and purity and gladiotor with a crap load of great kits..
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    i don't know, man. Try putting chords down before you get a melody. Maybe that'll help. Try remaking songs you like.

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    I'm new at this game too but I know from other aspects of life that you'll get a thousand no's before you get a single yes. I may not have the best sound now but as long as you stay persistent and work hard doing something you love you'll eventually get to a point where you can be satisfied with something you produced. I can't offer much else advice but definitely keep trying and come at it from a different angle.
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    The anger isn't helping, you need to channel positive energy. No wonder your beats suck. Lol it doesn't matter what you got, we all have a brain. & no one's works any different, unless theirs is disfunctional. Sounds like you have bigger problems then 'sucking at beats'.

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    Try and try again sir. Rome wasn't build overnight. I've spent almost 9 yrs to get to where I am and I still have a long way to go. Don't be afraid to bump into some walls, sometimes thats how you gotta find a light switch in a dark room. Keep askin questions, keep learnin and soakin' up game and most importantly, keep tryin!

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    It's cool man you are young and just getting started. Just listen to everything with a good groove and really get into what makes those grooves good or not. Step outside of hip hop and listen to some funk, reggae, or rock (or whatever). If you can find access to a drum kit, try to learn how to play drums or at least get the idea. Don't worry about making beats that sound like the radio stuff, and screw what other people think right now you make this stuff for you. Also, it sounds like you might be a bit of a perfectionist, and that is the worst way to be when you are starting to learn this stuff. Make mistakes and learn from them and be excited about that, because in making mistakes you can learn faster than in any other way. Don't throw stuff away if you don't like the way it sounds right away either, you can make two notes sound amazing if you do the right stuff to them. Just devour everything that comes your way with a smile on your face and sooner or later you will get there. I've been doing music for 13 years and I am just getting to the point of making shit I am really proud of, so just be happy that you are at the start of an awesome journey.
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    some good advice above... an organised, systematic approach to learning is the key to any knowledge/skill/talent... you have a passionate desire which is the main ingredient to any kind of success, you will get there as long as you keep working at will one day reach a point where the music you make is an expression and outlet rather than a frustration... but remember the surest path is an organised and systematic approach... maintain this and it just a matter of time and patience... good luck
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    If you feel like you are not making radio ready songs then it means you don't fully understand the components of a radio hit. Listen to your I-pod and try to analyse all your favorite songs to the most minute detail. Then try to remake some of them, you will learn a lot from emulating what works.I suggest you learn about music theory and learn how to play an instrument. Youtube tutorials are great and all but they are usually not very good at telling you why things work, music theory will help you with the "why?"

    Don't be discouraged broheim, just keep working hard and you will get ther

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    Try copying a song you like and try to make it sound exactly the same as much as possible... That's the best advice I have for you based on what you gave me. Also look into expanding your sound library. Maybe you don't like the sounds in your library and need better newer ones to help inspire you.

    Also, quit trying to be like other producers out there. Create your own style. Set trends, and don't spend time worrying about following trends.

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    do you have a midi keyboard?? if not get one one and pratctice that will help you alot to have dope melody than only having a mousse .
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