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Thread: Reproducing this organ (church/creepy)

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    Reproducing this organ (church/creepy)

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    youtube [DOT] com/watch?v=9Mmvd7dCpOM

    I know this is quite a stupid question, since there are many VST and samples that emulate organ; the fact is, if you listen to it, it has a more "creepy" sound (in fact, reFX called it "OR Count Dracula"). Since I don't want to buy Nexus only for that thing, anyone could help me? How is that organ called? A normal church organ? I haven't found it on the web, maybe I'm searching the wrong thing.

    I think it could be emulated using Z3TA+ 2, but I don't know how. Or maybe someone know a good preset/sample... anyone?


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    Have you found anything good yet?

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    Nexus2 has some good already done synths, but I found out that playing minor chords and diminished ones can make any organ sound creepy ; )

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