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Thread: Rap bpm

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    Rap bpm

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    What bpm are rap songs usually built at? I recently built one at a higher bpm which came out with kind of a dub feel instead. I want to get down the crazy hi hat used in a lot of dirty south beats but ultra beat doesnt seem to push it fast enough.

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    my dirty south beats range from 138-170 bpm.... but rap its self ive done east coast tracks at 70bpm i've done east coast at 150bpm. But I've also seen where ppl say they've done dirty south tracks at 70-90bpm... so whatever works for you.

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    usually do my instruments and such at like 140 but my drums are half of that. hard to explain, but it works.

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    I'd say 70-90 bpm

    but I don't know much, since I produce Electro/Pop myself.

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