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Thread: Need sounds after reverse cymbal!!!

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    Need sounds after reverse cymbal!!!

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    Hey, I'm semi new to the music production world. I was wondering if you guys could tell me good ways to make a reverse cymbal effect seem more natural, cause instead I seem to make them end too abruptly. Pleeeeaase help me!

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    a reverse cymbal will end abruptly - it is the nature of the beast - play it forward and you have an explosive burst of energy asthe cymbal is hit dying away to a few core frequencies vibrating for seconds - now reverse it, you have a a few core frequencies for a few seconds followed by a lot of noise that opens out into an abrupt stop.

    If you don't want this, then add a send reverb to the reverse cymbal channel, the reverb will have some noise still ring through after the stop.....

    You do it as a send so that you can turn it on or off without affecting channel levels.....
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    Thanks for the tip, helped me out man!

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    I change the time on the reverse cymbal, so it'll stop when i want it to stop
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    Yeah, time stretching will allow you to program it more how you want.

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    Great tips... I find that placing the crash (forward) so that it hits immediately after the reversed version is played usually adds more emphasis and energy to that first drop of the beat. I also like to add a bit of delay on mine. The delay extends out that abrupt stop and lets it echo a few times before completely disappearing.

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    Using a reverse reverb with 100% wet, 0% dry on whatever normal cymbal you have/want to reverse should get you the sound you seem to be looking for (although in the past 4 weeks you've probably already found some sort of solution).

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    A tiny bit of filtered white noise might sound nice combined with it.

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