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Thread: Making that warm and epic pad

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    Making that warm and epic pad

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    First i just wanna say hello! new to the forums

    so to the question:

    Ive been producing for about 1 year, mainly trance. And im starting to understand abit about programing you own sounds and stuff..leads, stabs, plucks.

    But making warm and epic pads is something i just cant do atm!
    and i always ending up using presets

    I have vsts like Abesynth4,Sylenth1,Zebra2,z3ta,FM8 and vanguard.

    could enyone be so kind and maybe give me a few pointers, or a smal guide in the basics of making a warm pad? =)

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    A VST I use to make my sounds from scratch is Sytrus. Very user friendly, with an FM Modulation matrix. It has really familiarized me with signal flow in terms of frequency modulation. One trick I have noticed is to stack a couple oscillators that are both detuned a couple cents. Also, add some reverb. Just mess around, you'll get better and better.

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    time, it takes time...

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