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Thread: How do You Make Dark Pads?

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    Post How do You Make Dark Pads?

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    I compile a bunch of sounds on Absynth and modify their frequencies, how about you????????

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    Similar approach here too, I like to make a number of tracks with synths on them, one with low frequencies, one with filtered noise and sometimes one with a percussion sound with a lot of reverb+delay. Absynth is pretty good too, I like to load up a preset thats similar to what I have in mind then tweak it around

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    A lot of EQ.

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    Definately all about EQ

    You can make any kind of pad or sound for that matter dark just by cutting out frequencies.

    Alot of the time I'll find the closest pad sound i'm looking forward, and go lower the 800 freq by -12db's. That usually gets me the sound i'm looking for.
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