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Thread: help finding these 8bit sounding sounds...

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    help finding these 8bit sounding sounds...

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    sup my fellow producers/beatmakers.....iv'e been searching for these particular sounds for a while but still havent found them...i was wondering if any of you guys knew which vst or even sound fonts that 808 mafia uses in most of there beats...

    i have some these examples here so you can get an idea of what im talking about....

    i have gladiator and nexus but haven't found those sounds yet...maybe im not looking as hard as i think i am or they use different vst/sound fonts...hopefully you guys can help me...thanks in advance homies.

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    Maybe you should try learning to use Gladiator instead of trying to find a preset.

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    i make mine with nexus there is a bass section in preset and at this point you can tweak it in nexus , after that you can put some effect .

    complicated but work for me i think you can get some fat bass sound with nexus and gladiator just have to mess around a bit.

    hope it help

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    i hear nothing i would consider 8bit but i do hear some square waves and some detuned square waves.

    try playing with raw square waves no filters and stacking and detuning them
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    If you use a pc 8 bit odyssey you can get it on amazon. or 8 bit Family on big fish audio. Plus 8 bit sounds are showered for free all over the internet. Hope this helps

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