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Thread: Thick, low Brass-Sound for the low keys

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    Thick, low Brass-Sound for the low keys

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    Hello Producers,

    I'm searching for a real deep, thick, cinematic low key Brass sound ( yes, that were many attributes ). I don't mean the main Brass sound, just that low key brass line. I've got some good Brass sounds, but they suck at the low end. I would be very glad, if you can help me!


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    You can go and buy an expensive VST that has the brass sound, but my guess is that will be missing something too.

    I suggest the following:

    1. Record the best brass sound you have
    2. Copy the track
    3. Move the start of the orginal track back a few milliseconds
    4. Move the start of the copied track up a few milliseconds
    5. Pitch the original track down about 6 cents
    6. Pitch the copied track up about 6 cents
    7. Pan the original track left a little bit
    8. Pan the copied track right a little bit
    9. Send both tracks to a aux/group track
    10. Compress the aux/group track just a touch
    11. EQ the aux/group track to taste
    12. Send the aux/group track to an FX track
    13. Put a delay on the FX track
    14. Put a reverb under the delay on the FX track
    15. Create a new track and choose a thick bass for your patch
    16. Copy the data from the orginal track onto the bass track
    17. Play with volume of both the aux/group track and bass track to get a good balance

    Presto, now you have a brass sound that is thick, airy and with a nice low end.

    Of course the above is just one suggestion. It might not sound what you want, but this is just a way to open your eyes a little bit as to what you can do to sound to manipulate it into something you want. It not as easy as just picking a sound sometimes. You have to identify the sound you want in your head and understand what steps need to be taken in order to get that sound. Most the time it is the mixing that make a sound, sound great, not the orginal patch. Hope this helps a little. Good Luck.

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    simply put you are seeking


    baritones and

    euphoniums, as well as

    bass trombones

    Beyond that there is little else except some low didgeridoo sounds that fall into the same category - in spite of being made from hollowed out eucalyptus branches and beeswax, they are blown the same as the brass i.e. the lips make a raspberry sound, that is converted into vibrations in the tube and thus sound.
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    thank you very much my friends, you really helped me alot! THX

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