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Thread: Music maker feeling very frustrated and wanting advice.

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    Music maker feeling very frustrated and wanting advice.

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    I've been making music since the summer so not a very long time and I am definitely a beginner but I am committed.

    ive made some songs with my shitty Mac, scarlet 2i4 interface, and my midi controller. When I started making music I used a cracked version of ableton live, I liked what I was making and wanted to take it serious and I've been using ableton lite for about 2 months now. My songs feel like they have been getting worse and worse, when I started my arrangements were decent but the composition and mixing were terrible. I've read Mike Seniors "mixing secrets" to give me a better idea on what I am getting into, but that did more confusing than I needed.

    i just want to make music I love, which will probably have elements of liquid or melodic dubstep. I'd rather not spent days googling it unless one of you awesome producers can give me some tips to really get started and on the right track.


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    spend days googling it.
    then years trying it and failing.

    and you still won't be able to 'just make the music you love'
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    Its a craft man. I'm only a few more months into this than you and think localspace hit it on the head. I've gotten significantly better but I'm still nowhere near where I want to be. Half the time I think I'm wasting my time and the other half I'm convincing myself if I put in the time I can get great. Its a grind. Develop good habits, ie work on production daily. Play with your DAW, set up track templates, organize your samples, sound design, tutorials, etc. Consistent activity will get you the results you want, no shortcuts. If you aren't putting a few hours in daily you will never get good. (although picking the brain of other producers is invaluable)

    Have you loaded any tracks you like into your DAW and studied them with a pen and paper 8-bars at a time? If not try that.
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    6-ish months in and trying to find my sound, any and all feedback appreciated
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    Yeah, there is no end point in mixing really. You keep on getting better your whole life and there aren't really a lot of shortcuts you can take. Just keep doing it and even while it might feel like you are standing still, it will push you forward.

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    Focus on composition and leave mixing alone.
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