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Thread: I need Help making melodies

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    I need Help making melodies

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    Iím new to music producing, I understand how to work my daw (fl studio).
    but when I try to make my melodies it just doesnít come out the way I want it to, Iím not saying it on a opinion stand point. But I donít know what Iím doing . Am I using the wrong instruments ? When I make one melody does the other need to start off with the same key, I need help bad. I also need help understanding when to use a lead a pad a saw and just a regular piano sound. And what instruments I canít make a melody with. I obviously know I canít make it with drums but yea just please help me, it seems like YouTube videos donít help me back all I do it just follow what they do and they give clear details, for a beginner like me.

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    Hi man,
    I am also really new in producing and I have asked a similar question on my profile ( Making a first song... ).
    Also, if you want us to help each other, you can send me a private messageť

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    What kind of music do you make? If I were to guess, you just don't have enough experience with the instrument of your choice. However, I would start creating melodies by following these guidelines (You can feel free to break them as you gain experience):

    - Stay strictly within the key signature. Any notes outside of the key can quickly bring in dissonance.
    - Try and stick with a simple piano as your first melody instrument. Once you have a solid melody line, experiment with other instruments
    - Sometimes, melodies can be found while noodling about, and other times it comes to you in your head. Try and use both techniques.
    - Keep repeating a section over and over again until you find the right melody.

    I would love to hear a sample of what you have so far in your song.
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