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Thread: How to really improve my music theory?

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    How to really improve my music theory?

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    Hey guys, I am really looking to get better with chords, chord progressions, and melodies and what not and just overall increase my knowledge in making beats. I feel so limited when it comes to making beats and I feel like I can always start a beat but never add on to it or finish it. I am hoping increasing my knowledge of music theory will help me as I really never learned it I just learned things like scales and time signatures and basic chords and progressions. But anyways if there is any videos or books or dvds or something you guys would recommend to me? Alot of these beat tutorial videos I watch and other stuff these guys just have crazy knowledge and theory and make sounds and chords and patterns my mind can't even fathom around so I can only imagine what profressional producers are doing. Feedback always appreciated thanks!

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    Start by reading the newly created theory composing and sound design megasticky at the top of this board. Loads of good resources there!

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    Hooktheory 1 and 2

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