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Thread: How to really improve my music theory?

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    IMHO, the best way to learn music theory is via its application on an instrument. Reading and watching videos about music theory does not mean that a person knows how to effectively apply the given principles in interesting and creative ways.

    My advice is to study an instrument with a competent instructor who incorporates applied music theory within a student's learning experience, such as a Jazz professor or a professional gigging musician with a track record of progressing students to an advance level of musicianship. The said music instructors will usually focus more on music theory throughout a student's development. Just be sure to clearly state your goals to the music instructor before taking lessons so a path for progression can be put in action.

    Unfortunately, outside of classical music education, effective music teachers are difficult to find and/or not cheap for music students in a non-college learning environment. The typical music teacher, at Guitar Center and other common locations, rarely, if ever, progress a student beyond the late beginner/early intermediate stages of development, which typically only cover rudimentary music theory.

    I hope this helps.
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    Learn fundamentals, what genre you want to write a song? Find articles, books, anything. Listen to your favorite songs & practice on the instrument you like.

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    I have been learning to produce music for about 2-3 years now. I studied music back in school but didn't touch it through university. I've got to grips with my DAW and have been making tracks for a while. However, this year I'm really looking to focus on learning the piano and all of the scales, chord progressions, etc. associated with it, so I can just sit down at a piano for a couple of hours and create all of the main chords, melodies, etc. to make a track. I've got dyslexia and I'm pretty terrible at reading large text books so I've been thinking of ways to help me remember various things. I was wondering, do you have a keyboard or piano you can practice on? Recently I've been learning different key signatures playing certain loops (e.g. a guitar loop in G-sharp minor) continuously in my DAW, whilst simultaneously playing around on my keyboard until I find all of the notes that fit with that key. Last night I played around with different chord patterns in that key, made a 'make shift' structure for a three minute track, then played loads of different melodies and bass lines to fit with it. Now I have a large part of a track completed, and all of the notes in G-sharp minor are cemented in my brain. Worked a treat.

    Hopefully that all made sense and helps you out! I've still got a lot to learn myself but things like this have really started to help me improve my musical ability. I have some other tips/techniques if you want, just send me a message on Soundcloud.

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    I suggest learning all major and minor scales. Chords come afterwards.
    And knowing sheet will help also.

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    I know that feel! I play bit guitar and make beats for a few years now and always hated i don't know where is the next chord or next note is when in my head i knew already how it should sound.

    Now i started to take cassical piano lessons, told her to make sure we cover the theory well along with learning to play right.
    She already made me write a sheet and we do ear training etc.
    I actually used to learn the scales i need for my beats before i got my push with scale mode Damn you ableton!!
    Playing with push is fun but i noticed i play different when my fingers are on the keys.

    Investing in musicianship and develop a skill to play music is never wrong, and fun too. I also think my fingerdrumming skills will benefit from my piano lessons too

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    Hi, I specialize mainly in chords and progressions. My site not only has a bunch colorful chord progression in WAV and MIDI but there are PDF charts too.
    The charts help you to find what chords and possibilities exist from any key.
    I use do videos to explain easy trick on how to find chords, on the keyboard.

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