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Thread: Deep Male Voice Request

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    Deep Male Voice Request

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    Hey I'm D-Operator and im searching for a deep male hardstyle voice. Im making a very euphoric track and i came up with some good text for a deep male voice that'll fit perfectly in the track
    This is the text:

    People think making this style is easy.
    That idea's come to reality in a wind-blow.
    These people gotta think again.
    They're looking at music like music is an object.
    But it's more than that.
    Music is a lifestyle.
    A story.
    Making music takes time and needs passion.
    And when you realize that.
    Music will become something sensible.
    Something beautiful.
    So remember.
    Music is a lifestyle.

    Hope to get a reaction soon


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    Hahaha fir those lyrics i was thinking maybe a female robot voice like the one headhunterz uses in the track hardstyle machina

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