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Thread: Bass guitar vs 808?

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    Bass guitar vs 808?

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    I've recently been considering purchasing a bass guitar, along with all the equipment needed to record and play it. I was wondering though that if it would be worth it since hip-hop and most genres of music are now using 808s and synth basses. I wanted to experiment by using a bass guitar, to be different and all that other shit. So I was wondering, is a bass guitar still capable of replacing an 808 when making electronic forms of music?

    It may be a really stupid question, I know. But I just want to know as much as possible before actually buying a bass guitar

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    I would say that if you are already vested in production and know that you are serious about production, that it is a good investment and it is capable of a much more dynamic range of bass sounds than an "808", whatever that means in today's world to any specific individual. What I mean by that is that just about anything with sub bass character, people tend to call "808".

    I know there have been several times where I say to myself, "Damn, I really wish I knew someone who plays bass to get on this track to play a funky bassline" that I simply could not produce myself on a synthesizer for one reason or another.

    I think that bass (and sub bass) drums, synth bass and bass guitar are all great tools to be utilized. That being said, I think it comes down to budget and the type of hiphop that you are producing that would discern whether or not a bass guitar would be a necessity. For soul, funk, and just about any other genre, absolutely. Boom-Bap hiphop, absolutely. I would say it would be of utmost benefit. As for the modern whatever-it's-called pop music-type "rap", no. To be honest there isn't really room for any skill or intellect in this genre. --just honesty here.

    Of course, I forgot to mention that you could also just invest in a good/versatile VST instrument that utilizes samples of a real and talented bassist to backup your requirements without having to drop a lot of dough and investing a lot of time in learning all the techniques that might already be available in a dope sound library?
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    I don't know what you mean by replacing 808s. 808s are drums and a bass is a bass. Aside from that, learning to play bass will improve your songwriting. Also lots of electronic tracks use guitars and bass guitars in them. It's more common than you think and having an actual instrument in your hand will get you writing songs a lot quicker and maybe even BETTER...

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    I wouldn't let current trends stop you doing what you think will sound good. Definitely bass as an instrument isn't 'played out' lots of people still use them in all genres.

    Yes, put a bass in your track. Maybe not over the top of an 808, but if you want to, do it...
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