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Thread: what is the best sound proofing wood/materials for building a vocal booth?

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    Question what is the best sound proofing wood/materials for building a vocal booth?

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    my dad is a construction worker(builds houses)
    he said he would build me a vocal booth in my room...
    but he needs to know what type of wood and materials
    he will need for the booth...?

    the booth will be for vocals only.

    my studio room is on the basement floor..(3 floor house)
    it's pretty quiet around my room...(no loud cars,planes,streets,ect.)
    but the problem is that my parents rent to a family on the 3rd floor.
    and I dont want to disturb my parents or the family living on the 3rd.
    a place where whoever recording can record lyrics with full power
    without lowering his voice because of noise pollution problems..
    the music I have produced will be played through head phones.
    the booth will be in a room (dead space)
    and it is planned to have a window and a door.

    if you could help me out...that would be awsome!
    so I could read over the details of what we need.
    letting my pop's know what's up and getting
    the booth building rolling....

    1: what is the best wood to use when building a vocal booth?

    2: what type of sound proofing materials will I need for the inside and outside of the booth?

    if anyone has any plans or links to vocal booth plans...that would be much loved also.
    (my dad loves plans)

    thanx. take care!

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    I took the liberty of revisiting the design of a vocal booth I made at the JEM complex and re-worked it for a home installation.

    It's much smaller (only 7x9x8h), but the ratios are about the same -

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