I'm down to the wire on my CD project...the only thing left to do is hopefully some nice EQ & compression across certain individual tracks; & then a quality limiter across the v mains to give me a transparent RMS boost up to industry standard levels.

[I'm running a native DAW (SONAR XL 2.2) on a Windows (XP) based PC.]

1) On the mastering software, Ive narrowed my choices down to two systems...the UAD-1 dsp Project or Studio PAK from Universal Audio; & the Native Masters Bundle from Waves...& I was wondering how these two compare for the task at hand.

[The thing I like about UAD-1 is the supposed perfect emulation of vintage gear. What I like about the Waves is the dynamically metered intuitive interfaces. Both systems are hailed as being near perfect mastering solutions for the DAW domain.]

[Also: Do any of the plugs in the UAD-1 offer presets...or is there any kind of documentation available to point one in the direction of standard/typical mastering guidelines?]

2) My other question concerns the fact that I also need an absolute ceiling function (w/ the limiter) across the mix buss, so as not to go over -.3dB or thereabouts. The new Precision Limiter available as an extra with the a look-ahead brick wall limiter, how does it compare with the Waves L2?

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Dell 8250
Intel 850E Motherboard/Chipset
Intel P4 2.53GHz CPU (512 KB L2 Cache, 533 MHz FSB)
512 MB PC1066 RDRAM
Ultra 60GB Primary HD (OS, Apps, Files/Folders)
Maxtor (DiamondMax 9+) 80GB Secondary HD (Audio Data)
Echo Audio Layla24/96 Audio Interface (PCI)
WaveLab 4.1b