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Thread: Sonar 3 Producer Edition

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    Sonar 3 Producer Edition

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    I want to know if Sonar 3 Producer edition is any good for recording. I'm seriously thinking of getting it. Is it worth it? How user friendly is it?
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    i tried it out liked it, it is pretty user complaints here.but i personaly use cubase, so ididnt see the need to buy another piece of software thats very similar.if i would of tried sonar first i would of probably got that instead and had the same predicament but vice versa their both great in my opinion, cant go wrong either way

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    I used the Beta Version..And Ive yet to come accross anything as sweet and user friendly as Sonar...That Pantheon Reverb is nice....Its retailing for like $300-$400 at GC and Sam ash...worth every penny!
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    Sonar is a cool program & its fairly user friendly ( a lot more so than cubase to me )
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    ive always used cakewalk products because of how easy to use they are. ive used cubase as well, i dont like it as much and ive had problems with latency. with sonar, no latency problems at all even without asio drivers.

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    I used to use Sonar 3 PE and I would defenitely recommend it. It is a great place to start and it's probably one of the least complicated Production softwares out there. Everything is simple and when you use the hot keys in conjunction with making your music; the whole process is sped up.

    Now I use Cubase which took me a while to get used to from Sonar but if Cubase wasnt here, I would go back to Sonar in a second.

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    I never had good luck with cakewalk products. While Cubase took me a little bit more to get accustomed to, I liked it a lot better than cakewalk.

    I feel that the workflow in Cubase is better than Sonar. I'll attribute that to working with Cubase a lot more, but I do feel that sonar is more intrusive. I can't remember too well anymore, but I remember midi recording being a hassle in Sonar for one reason or another.

    It really is up to preference though and Cakewalk is a very capable multi-tracker. I personally liked the easiness of midi functionality in cakewalk products a little bit better but that wasn't enough to get me to switch.

    Your best bet is to try it out and see how you like it. You may love it or hate it, but do try it instead of getting stuck with it and not enjoying it.

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