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Thread: Question About Full Sail

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    Question About Full Sail

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    Yo IF There Is Any People Who Went There Or No About It Could You Tell Me How Was It..Becuase A Friend OF Mynd Says Its Like A Music Boot Camp And That U Get No Free Tyme Jus School School School...If U Got Summin Tell Me Plz...Thanks
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    My friend went there, i guess you have to do sessions at all different times, like 2 am classes and stuff like that

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    It's very expensive (around $35K for a typical course of study) and opinions on its value are mixed, to say the least.

    By and large, the world of recording cares about your experience -- not your education. That may change as more recording program graduates get into positions of power (if that should ever happen) but for now, your 35 thousand dollar education will probably buy you a place near the front of the line for a $7 an hour gofer job.

    BTW, there used to be an informative website with some very interesting message boards filled with the experiences of curent and former Full Sail students. It was called, if I recall, but it's gone now. Someone (here, I think) said they lost a suit by Full Sail, but I don't know the details...
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