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Thread: No Where Else To Post This So...

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    No Where Else To Post This So...

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    Im not an engineering expert so i was wondering

    I know that there isnt a possible way to use software to remove a beat from a track to leave the acapella

    but i understand that there is a way to reduce the level of the beat so that its just low in the backround allowing you to lace your beat over it and create a normal remix

    Anybody know the process and instructions for doing this?

    or am i way off the mark altogether?

    if this is in the wrong section feel free to move it but i couldnt figure out where to post it and since it has to do with a set up to do it i figured here would be ok
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    What you describing is sortof possible, depending on the original source material and what tools youn have at your disposal.

    The problem is that you have no foundation of understanding. I fear that any tips would be way over your head.

    Start learning the basics of audio production first, before you try to do something more advanced like this.

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    its not that i dont know the basics

    im just not too educated in this...but theres a first time for everything

    if theres any tutorials on how to do this im sure i could follow it step by step and get a result

    Can anybody help me out here
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    lately people have been asking this damn question every day

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    Let's use that chart at the bottom of the page to begin with.

    Now, let's say that you had a song, and you wanted the Timpani. What you would do is use an equalizer, and take down the frequencies that are not being covered by the timpani. That way, the timpani would stand out more. To take out the Timpani, it would be the other way around.

    The problem with this is that you could never fully remove the timpani from the audio, or leave the timpani alone only. You will virtually always have frequencies that overlap. All, while equalizing seems pretty straightforward, you have to keep in consideration that eq'ing the highs will also affect your lows, and eq'in the lows will also affect your highs. Even if you were to completely somehow "remove" most of the other instruments, what you wanted to keep would suffer severely in regards to quality and would probably lose a lot of the sound that it had that you may have wanted to begin with.

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    In most cases it'll probably be easier and less frustrating to get Lord Finesse to come to your house and PERSONALLY drop the verse again or steal the tapes than to get it off the track in any sort of effective manner.

    You can't find the a capella of the **** that was spit?

    What's the song that you want to do this with?

    We'll soon have a definitive answer to this question, at least as it invloves a practicable solution.....

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