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Thread: New studio, need help with acoustics

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    Hm.Midfield range monitors in that small room while sittin near at the wall and the monitor speakers directly beside you?hm i dont know.i had the same problem years ago.i bought myself midfield monitor speakers and they were much too close to me.about 50-70cm good sound.i should have bought nearfield range speakers and then you still should have a distance to your i am lucky that i have a larger room, so i could place them into the right position,but year ago in my old rooms.your picture just reminds me of these days.
    did you already buy some new monitor speakers?

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    The monitors should be set up in an equilateral triangle with the back of your head.
    So for example, if your speakers are five feet from each other, the back of your head should be positioned five feet from each monitor.
    Have the monitors angled towards you.

    Also do not put them against the wall, it will affect the sound.
    The best possible positioning is having the center point of the triangle be in the middle of the room you're set up in.
    Maybe invest in some acoustic foam, too.

    This is all from the book, 'the mixing engineer's handbook'. Hope it helps.
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    Foracoustic panels, I would suggest Primacoustic London 12a...

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