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Thread: Mic Recomendations!?!?!

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    Mic Recomendations!?!?!

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    Im in the market for a new condensor mic, I got about 300 bucks, I was looking at the m-audio Luna, what you guys think I should get?

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    The Luna isn't bad from what I hear, but the R0de NT1000 and Studio Projects C1 get great reviews from all kinds of picky people who have better ears and know more than I ever will about microphones.

    When I first joined FP, I asked for a Mic recommendation - just like you are - because Mics are my biggest area of ignorance.

    Someone recommended the Studio Projects C1 (which you can get for about $200) and it was the best advice I could have gotten. It's just a great, great vocal Mic ... no two ways about it.

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