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Thread: A lot of noise!

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    Angry A lot of noise!

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    I bought the Reselov Se5 studio monitors without having a interface. They told me that connecting both of them to a computer straight through a RCA cable would make a lot of noise, I thought they were exaggerating so I bought them anyway because I was so hyped for having the money that I saved for a year. Now I realize that it is actually true, and totally unpleasant. The question is, will an interface solve the problem? And if it actually does, how do you connect the interface to the computer? Is it through USB? Thanks for reading!

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    Cool.. those are the successors of the monitors I started on.

    Getting an interface would probably solve it.. depending on what the source of the noise is. If it's your computer, then yeah.
    But it could also be you're using long unbalanced cables that pretty much work like antenna's and pick up a lot of noise. So that's something to look into as well.

    Affordable interfaces usually work with USB, yeah.
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    yes i used to ahve those monitors too

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