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Thread: I'm new, and dont know much

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    I'm new, and dont know much

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    Hey whats up people, I've been looking at the forum on here for a few weeks, and have become more interested in making rap/hiphop music. I'm wondering what would be some good tools for me to start out with? I already use fruity loops, and have made a few good Beats on there. But I would like to step up.

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    I reccomend finding a piece of gear (or software) that you like and learn it really well...If ur using fruity loops and u like it, learn its full ropes and potential.

    If your unhappy with fruity and want to step up higher in the chain, I'd reccomend exploring a new sequencer like Cubase, Logic, Sonar, or something and acquiring a few VST instruments (lots of good free-wares of these on the net even)....or perhaps find a decent piece of gear like a synth, sampler or drum machine-

    a couple other important production pieces for getting a good sound you will want to think about are your monitors (speakers), and a good soundcard.


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    I suggest you read up on Basic music theory first.

    After that go with a program of your choosing and work with it, don't go out and waste you money on everything at once. Buy a copy of FL or Reason and believe me it will keep you busy for some time.

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    If you like the fruit then continue with it. Mabey spend some money on a half decent sound card and some monitors.
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