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    I Have Got a Korg d8 recorder and i brought a zip drive disk for it but i can't get the songs i have recorded on it i have tryied everything ion know what to do cause i dont even think my recorder know;s that i have the drive pluged in cause it only show that the internal drive is there and not the zip dive so if anybody can help me let me kno or tell me what to do.......... oh and if the zip wont work can somebody send me a link to a cd burner that ican buy for my korg d8 . thanks

    Jay HELP~!!!!

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    You need to terminate the scsi drive (Zip) and also make sure you have the right id number set. Find what the D8s internal hard drive id is and use a seperate id number on the scsi drive.Zips are usually scsi id 5 or 6.

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