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Thread: How can I make my lyrics that use multi syllable rhymes catchier & just flow better

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    How can I make my lyrics that use multi syllable rhymes catchier & just flow better

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    And I don't mean like 2 syllables, that's not really a problem. When I get to like 3 or 4 syllables that's when it starts to sound bad.

    Here's an example...(And I know these bars are horrible, I put up the worst verse that I could find because I don't want people stealing my stuff).

    Toxic, you probably don't know the name
    Cause I'm struggling hoping one day that my flow is flames
    I've felt so much pain
    With no novacaine
    Life's a gamble, like a poker game
    And I still don't have the coldest chain
    After all this time I have sold the same
    Amount of gear so
    It's still a zero
    ...Hahah it was so bad that I didn't bother to finish it

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    Put the emphasis on the syllables u wanna make rhyme. Those rhyme has to flow perfectly together. " Know the name " and " Flow is flames " don't fit that well. " Show the pain " " Water main " " Sovereign " " Caugh the rain " " Love again " " Gotta say " " Bothering " fits better. U know what i mean?

    Secondly, if you wanna flow good, make sure u display an equal amount of syllables in your bars (not a rule, just an easy way to learn how to flow).

    "My filet is smokin weed, yea faggot the stakes (steaks) are high
    Shit I ain’t even supposed to be here by the grace of God
    the skin on my teeth and the hair on my nuts I skated by
    Now ya’ll are on thin ice with ankle weights I hate to lie
    how ****in irritated are you? how much in your face am I?"

    from Em's Cinderella man. Not exactly the same numbers of syllables cuz' he plays with the silences/connectors. But yo, if you're on the beat, it comes out smoothly

    make sure to use alliteration, assonance and such figures of speech. Helps to sound good. And don't forget to stay on beat, and don't fall off the snares (that doesnt mean u gotta sound the same in the entire track)

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    don't try to spit fast at first, spit it slower to where you are comfortable.

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    i suppose theres many things to consider...some off the top i think are..

    Riding the beat: make sure that your flow isn't being thrown off by the extra syllables, if it is your better off scrapping it and finding an alternative to fit the groove of the beat your writing to.

    keeping it in context: have to make sure your not sacrificing the message your getting across for a cluttered multisyllabilli...yeay..phuckfest...

    avoiding tongue twisters: i suppose keeping in mind S' just any thing that'll throw your pronunciation off, and make you stutter/slur words together.

    interesting vocab: i suppose it's nice when you stray away from the generic vocab. such as 'know the name' 'flow is flames' because chances are millions of others used it.

    just some stuff i can think of....

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    slow it down bro, and try drop the slang from the words if you want it to punch like all ****, the clearer it comes through, the easier it hits the person.

    heres a track I did, Its slow and packed with multis and interesting metaphors, rip the flow pattern if you need to.

    More chops than your local butcher.
    - SHROOMZbeats

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    It's just practice man. And draw inspiration from others that do it well. You can also use overdubs to beef those words up.

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    all great advice, especially the keep practicing advice. it doesn't come overnight.
    My main advice is always, up your vocab, everyone can always always do this, try new interesting words or slang just for the hell of it
    Know and stay on topic, dont stray off point just cuz something rhymes, your stuff will sound halfway decent without the multi's and metaphors as long as you stay on point.
    for example, your last 2 lines, possibly three, sound kinda outta the blue, not that you had a defined topic, but they def aint part of the same thought. Maybe you wanna have an idea in ur head of where u wanna end up at the end of the verse. Perhaps even go back and reorder your lines. I mean check it, its not freestyle so you have an the opportunity to manipulate your verse, maybe the first order out of your head isn't always the most sensible.

    anyways, we all start somewhere. keep it up.

    peace - Jolt

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    use the fibonacci sequence?

    i know nothing at all about rapping, although i listen to it a bit, but try making your syllables rise and fall according to the fibonacci sequence, im real obssessed with it in regards to music lately but, it seems that all the classic music, art and whatnot follows it, even nature does, so that might make it seem to flow better, no matter what youre saying, hah but i really dont know what m talking bout to be honest, but the song lateralus by tool does this, and it is regarded as one of the most well written songs, and boards of canada, a great electronic band, and also radiohead use this technique. just a random thought i had..

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    number 1 factor to keep in mind is TAKE YOUR TIME!! when you write dont just act as if its a freestyle and throw anything on paper. these are words you wanna sell to your audience. it doesnt matter how fast you make a song or how many songs you can get done in a few hours. its about the song itself. first start off with the beat. what i do is i write the first 4 bars or two and work on making it to 4 and keep refering back to the beginning of the beat. rapping those 4 bars until a new idea comes to head for the next bar, this is so i know how i want those bars to flow. the more i rap those 4 bars the more i want to edit them. "if i skip a word and it sounds better in the flow" ill just scratch that word of. for me it take 2-4 hours minimum to get down with the first verse. why? because im thinking of ideas, what sounds good with my flow, is this the msg im trying to bring across, is it not? if you want to be a good artist you have to take time to critic your work. so do this and experiment a little. do this and in time u will have enough experiance where you may even take less time then i do on a verse lol
    just some advice best of luck

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