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Thread: Drake Or J.Cole [whos better?]

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    Exclamation Drake Or J.Cole [whos better?]

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    befor you comment imma say i like Cole but i **** with drake they both nice ..both of them nice~ but drake got some fire music im not gonna lie! ... cole to but what yall think? << drake vs cole lol

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    Without getting into my personal opinion (ehem...Drake) I just want to say I've been living in Boston for 5 years now and there hasn't been a single album that I've heard bumped in cars even close to as much as this one. I can't walk down the street without hearing practically every cut on the album.

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    I have to admit that drake is pretty damned good at what he does, popularity aside. I feel as far as content goes there in pretty much the same category, and Drake from what i've seen is the more seasoned entertainer out of the 2.

    i'm not going to go as far as making claims as i haven't followed neither of them nearly enough to.
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    J.Cole is by far the better rapper, but Drake is the better artist.

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    I like Drake much better

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    I think Drake is better

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    lyrically. j cole. i mean look at where he is at.and he produce his own shit. and he doin it without features, at least from the songs that he put out. i mean he is what HIP HOP is missing. sum one like him and eff it, ill throw freddie gibbs in there too. them 2 lyrically murder drake. drake is just the better 'entertainer" ya feel me?

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    drake is hot but j.cole's material is rawer (if that's a word lol)....j. cole 2 me brings back that true hiphop feel of the old u know imo...drake is just killin it now tho!!

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    imo , cole is a better lyricist , but drake is better , drake wins,

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    It all comes down to the feeling you get after each verse.

    If you hear drake's line or j.cole, they're very relatable, but then again it depends, some lyrics relate to different people. So trying to find a better rapper is sort of like a generalization. But if my opinion for who's better at using the least amount of lines and make the most amount of sense and relation, I'd have to say Drake. My influence doesn't come from media, or anything like that. In my opinion, drake knows how to tell a story with 2 lines and another with the next. J. Cole, he's cool, I especially like that Who Dat track he put out, but they just don't compare, at J.Cole point in his career.
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