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Thread: 8 Bars or 12 bar Hooks

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    8 Bars or 12 bar Hooks

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    I feel that hip hop no longer goes by the conventional 16 bar verse and 8 bar hook

    I need someone to tell me if I'm right

    now a days i think it is a 12 bar verse, a 4 bar pre-hook, and the regular 8 bar hook

    for example nicki minaj- Your Love


    young jeezy- lose my mind

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    I went back and listened to them and they are actually TWO! hooks, one 8 bar hook and then followed by another HOOK!

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    i think your referring to a 'bridge', a bridge is something that bridges say a verse and a chorus. so it would be like a 16 bar verse, 8/4/w/e bar bridge, to a 8 bar chorus.

    bridge can go anywhere depending on song structure though, although i could have a term wrong myself and be sounding really silly raight now so i'd just wait for more input...heh..

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    I already know about a bridge, what I'm saying is

    before they go into a hook they say the SAME 8 bars from before

    the first 8 bar are kind of the regular hook, the the next 8 bars are the southern type hook with the one repetitive saying

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