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Thread: Some of my best verses, inspired by Respiration and The Way I Am

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    Some of my best verses, inspired by Respiration and The Way I Am

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    Alright so I been obessed with writing recently and only been writing lyrics for like 5 months now but recently ive been doing it a lot and I wrote some crazy shit right now

    I was reading the lyrics to respiration and the way i am a few times as i listened to the songs and then wrote some shit down

    anyways here it is

    the first 2 were inspired by respiration and the last one think of it in the way i am flow


    So much on my mind
    thinking of divine beauties who refine the meaning of love
    respecting all things but still chillin with thugs
    you're intelligent but wasting your time so i gotta tug
    and bother you some more
    why do you dress and act like a whore
    i see past your exterior
    i over look perception and understand your interior
    your mind is such a beautiful thing
    and i heard your voice, girl you can sing
    i believe i was sent here to teach
    nurture your growth and help you to reach
    all that you can be and help you see all that you can't see
    theres more to life than MP3s and whats on tv
    but i have to start with theory
    if you don't understand then you can't hear me
    ill show you whats real with the world
    music so lovely it'll make you dance and twirl
    and if i fail
    then ill have to tell the tale
    the story of the girl
    who became the center of my world


    Defining respect is a hard thing to inspect
    I see little thugs hustling well what do i expect
    walking down the street, homeless begging to eat
    and blackberry business men shuffling their feet
    stepping out of their way just to make sure
    they don't gotta pay a dolla no more
    I see old ladies with grocery bags
    and young men who dont offer to grab
    they just keep walking til they see a pretty young thing
    then holla to the point where she has to bring
    some pepper spray just to feel safe
    beautiful girls always feel out of place
    misplace their trust to men who play them
    they don't understand that they found a real gem
    im seeing students who diss other students
    cause one studies language to become fluent
    those that diss secretly wish
    that they could study as hard so their parents wouldn't *****
    but the world loves to hate more than it loves to give
    why can't you see jealousy is easy to outlive
    the world will never change
    MLK and ghandi tried and died in vein
    so as long as theres television and ipods
    and as long as we keep believing in god
    we can't trust in ourselves
    so we end up living in hell

    3. so listen to this in your mind with the way i am flow

    I don't know why i am the way i am
    the way i grab the mic and spit when i stand
    the fans do not understand that im a grown ass man
    who has his own life so please just stay out
    I do not have a fight left in me after i rock the mic
    cause I pour my heart and soul into every show
    So when the night is done im the most vulnerable so i just chill with some rum then pass out
    then the very next day i do the same thing
    and i know my life has just begun to begin
    and i don't know if i can take another hit
    from the media who blesses and curses me in the same breath
    and my heart pounds in my chest
    every time i force to sit and rest
    cause i go so hard my friends think im obsessed
    with the business so i tell them to and get me a bullet proof vest
    cause im going to war so dont second guess me
    when im in the mindstate to just kill so if you try to test me
    then ill make you watch as i peel your skin from your skull
    and hte pain just begins and i call your mom to come see
    and inject her with a needle infected with HIV
    filled with heroin so you are forced to watch as your mother begins
    to bleed a slow and sad death all just because you decided to test
    me at a time when im pissed
    so just stay away when i lay awake in my bed
    because im lost in my thoughts and believe that im lost
    cause im so damn high all of the time
    and will never come down
    cause once i hit the ground
    i know that my life will be done

    anyways please give feedback would be greatly appreciated

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    you're a dope mc'.

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    I like this. Im def feelin the first two a little bit better, i think you probably got a little more into them and had more clear idea of what you wanted. they def flowed better. your third verse kinda had a muddled rhyme scheme. the rhythm didnt flow as well.

    Anyways, keep up the work, i think you def got something to work with those first 2 verses, they seem on a similar topic.

    Peace. -Jolt

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