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Thread: Renegade 2010- Live! feat. Sharoyce (Jay and Em type shit)

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    Renegade 2010- Live! feat. Sharoyce (Jay and Em type shit)

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    Renegade 2010- Live! feat. Sharoyce (Jay and Em type shit)

    This is a demo we are working on of Renegade
    still tradin verses L!VE_Sharoyce-Renegade_2010.mp3

    weapon x killer- they label me uncanny
    how could they be family when they do not understand me
    I'm rocket science in thought- anomoly to fans
    Before I fall at hand- I'd kill at will/wheel like Brandy
    Maybe i aint estragen- maybe I'm too manly
    for that soda pop and candy- the stanky legs and Khaleds
    I'm magic on the stage- packin fitted caps with rabbits
    I decapitate- I would hate to amputate a bastard
    who tryna tug the chordles from my vast grip?
    I'm all hiphop got- I save that ***** like the last kiss
    last dance for private Ryan fore he hit with tactics
    by the task force-
    never talk shit to the bad boy
    Misunderstood ***** my embreyo was crooked
    my premature form was how the splice shit was lookin
    But I'll never change sexes-you battlin a fella
    with his third eye peepin at the gat up on the dresser
    I'm the motha****in Royce Ant-boy with flamboyance
    embedded in his bloodstream- so how can you dust em
    He's alienated himself from hoes- so how could you abduct em
    It more than the scrilla and the hall of fame obductions
    This L!ve

    and im here I'm hoping that I can stay
    no im just playing im bustin the door down, so get away
    everybody is comparing me to who I could be
    like any body up and coming cant do their own thing
    na na
    a couple questions that i got for mcs
    do they listen to themselves when they make mp3s
    because the trash that they're polluting through the songs that they bring
    is only bringing down the industry, the songs that i sing,
    im getting.. hits and requests for cds all day
    Its rocketship rap the way my songs are blasted away
    i got my enemies looking at me
    they bowing to pray
    they praying for my downfall before i even get away.
    but hey
    im not stopping you
    im glad that you're here
    but when you looking at me
    all i see back
    looking at me is fear
    so I
    continue walking on this path all alone
    till I'm home
    I'm not looking back, im in another zone
    i've tried to postpone when i take over the throne
    putting off time, but it wont ever leave me alone
    and L!VE here,
    as we setting the tone
    we like some hard liquor
    you could never take us alone
    who am i kidding, i was sent on a mission
    to bring back what i love
    and kill these corny morticians
    i put the key in the ignition
    perfection through repetition
    all the hate that they throwing
    i use it as ammunition
    oh and.

    If I die before I wake
    I go out like a soldier
    Tell Alfred fix my cap
    and let the world know that i was gaurdian
    night sovereign
    of hiphop
    restorin the funk like Parliament
    Rap caught its death when it left us out the argument
    Feel like a diety who waits to be a god again
    we spar like spartans for historic acknowledgement
    we deeper than the diary of Ghandi gets
    We the freshest specimens of homo erectus
    nuttin on the breast backsides and the dresses
    nobody got a lesson to teach me-I'm wreckless
    hardknock schoolin niggas- give me the breakfast
    I break wind and breakneck speed with the lip
    niggas start to *****- I got the bang on my hip
    Storyboard without the triptic boy its like this
    how you gon spit against mist- nigga I'm pensive
    X ray peer through walls for ripe coochie./
    from the land where brazirres come undone like Sushi./

    Morphine Roberts from "Fanage-a-toi"
    Slave Narrative EP 2007

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    dope stuff my man, the verses could use some tightening up but i love your delivery otherwise. Like your take on this song.

    keep em up!

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