Track we just made. One of my brothers boys came over with the hook and his 2 verses. I just hopped on 3rd. Not sure how many of you know the Illuminati conspiracy. Not really a believer myself but sounds tight to me. I'm 3rd let me know what you think.
Here I am YOU CALLED ME ? God damn right I'm ILLUMINATI/
Take a Blade against your SHOTTY even KID ROCK AINT THIS COCKY/
a ZOMBIE in my BODY its like SADAAM is HAUNTING/
*****'s don't wanna PLAY WIT ME I got this from A to Z/
couldn't ever **** WITH GROW you stopped L M N O/
let me SIMPLE watch me build my LEGACY/
ain't no one AS SICK AS ME these schemes aren't ACCIDENTAL/
where the **** NATE GONE ? Thinkin up some NA PALMS/
waitin for his next pray THE EARTH TAKE ON/
Nate's World Order and the BANK COULDNT AFFORD A/
A FLYER BAR ME do you get it COMPISH?/
**** it then I'll pretend that im sure your friend/
until I stick it in then thats when this story ends/
I ain't talkin just chicks all of you can get screwed/
Misconstrued wait it's comin... KA BOOM!!!/