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Thread: Need help!!

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    Need help!!

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    I need help with a project for school. I need to write a rap about math that needs to be 20 lines. I got about half of it done but i cant think of anything else. And the rap has to be about math. I was wondering if someone here can help me finish it. I dont need any complicated raps or anything just stuff that rhymes and makes sense lol. Heres what i got so far....

    Reality is... our world revolves around math
    Do yourself a favor
    Make a good decision
    And pay close attention in class
    Once you get it down
    Youll be ready to fulfill the task
    And success is guranteed
    And youll be down the right path

    Division and subtraction, multiplying signs
    Equations that make you wonder , "Is she Outta HER MIND!!!"
    Truth is...math is repetition
    it is all the same
    and if you payed attention from the start
    You will win the game

    the beat i am using is the Airplanes Part 2 by B.O.B.

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    and when in doubt on paper, whip out the calculator!

    a scientific rhyming wizard, go heed the wonder
    who turns equations into a piece of 3.14

    your swags square i'm you squared by a 100
    i just can't be compared to you numb heads

    ..hehe...just some ideas, good luck!

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    lol thanks !!!

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    I didn't write to a beat, I felt if you did it acapella for class it would be better. A rap in class just seems corny with a beat IMO.

    Reality is
    Math doesn't have to be added or subtracted
    There’s a great divide like multiplying fractions
    In its prime its a starting point for all of your rhythm
    All in our minds or undefined as a logarithms
    You can catch it in award shows
    Tennis floor scoreboards,
    Or four four’s in your musical scores
    More scores ago, Composed by Cicero
    Caesar’s Rome, Aristotle, all whom would speak in quotes
    Its the oldest thought known to man
    See math is the start of your actions
    When we should plan, what’s to understand?
    Laying out statistics of whats at hand.

    I could be adding up your taxes
    Or calculating axis
    Asking how to map this
    While casting out some graphics
    Space and time connections
    Scalping out corrections
    Have me feeling vexed from Heidi’s rhinoplasty
    Clearly theirs a division, In the split of random thought patterns
    Pattern and all matter happen through mathematics

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