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Thread: mockingbird needs a reveiw

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    mockingbird needs a reveiw

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    these are verses that i wrote fir the mockingbird bet by emineim i was told before that i needed 2 pick a new beat because the beats irelevant now but i beleive thats not true but anyway heres the verses

    now i know that we have been broken up now for quite awhile
    but i still reminisce about the days you made me smile
    you made everyday the best and i thank you for that
    but the memories in my mind just rewind and play it back and its a fact that theirs no more US because their is no more TRUST
    no more LUCK no more LOVE all because i fell to LUST
    and it hurts because it was not supposed to be this way
    skies were blue now their grey and i know you feel betrayed
    but i understand . . .i knew i should of been the bigger man and
    instead of ran i shouldve just stayed with you and held your hand
    but i didnt and we were bestfreinds in love
    but ever since that day it feels like their is none of the above
    and i know . . .i feel like im rotten to the core too
    but to be honest i still have feelings for you

    verse 2

    alot has happened now and i dont know were to begin
    she finally forgave me and we might try it again
    but ever since that day i became a bigger man
    and its not that i dont love her i dont want 2 break her heart again
    i love her to much to see her like that
    because of somethin i did and its because of that fact that
    i might end up filling her up with hate
    but if i dont try again than thats a biffer mistake
    but what ever road i take then i guess its just fate
    its like im stuck between a rock and a really hard place
    i never really wanted it to be like this
    and all my freinds say dave dont worry bout that *****
    but all that i reply is that you dont understand
    its just somethin in the way that i feel about her damn
    then they look at me like they just caught fear
    cuz in my eyes they can see im holding back the tears
    and i guess its weird for them to see another man cry
    but i just cant hold it in anymore inside
    so i cried on the phone and this is what i said
    i dont want a relationship lets just remain freinds

    i know its kinda sobby and sad but yeah lmao

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    love it

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