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Thread: Masterwriter song guard

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    Masterwriter song guard

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    Okay, im thinking about buying this masterwriter program. For the song guard feature, has anybody tried it to see if it works and will it really protect my lyrics and stuff?
    Let me know

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    The only thing I know of that will 100% protect your lyrics is to register them with the copyright office. If this program assists you in doing that, then it should work.


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    Personally, it's not necessary. Unless you're willing to use your hard earned money to go fight for compensation in the court of law. It's a costly exercise. Legal fees will eat up most of whatever money you make. In the end, the lawyers win. So unless you're willing to spend big on legal fees, there's really no point. But, hey, that's just my take on it. Don't flame me. Just an opinion.

    It's quite common to post your lyrics in by registered post along with a CD to yourself. Then keep it sealed for future evidence.
    Josef Horhay
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