Hey all , im a singer and i started posting my songs online (@youtube) a year ago , and 3 songs i've done have gotten me up to 70 000 views and i haven't done anything since...
Now i got my personal beat maker , and everything he does is very professional and promising.
But enough of that , at the moment i am collaborating with a upcoming beatmaker from Estonia , and the beat i will be singing on is at this link KLUB VIP 28. JANUAR NOVA SEZONA - YouTube from 0:00 to 0:16.(its just a part of the beat on that video cause its a video of some club I'm promoting)

I am looking for a good songwriter who is willing to collab with us on that beat , and maybe on the future ones.
You would be mentioned in the music video , description. (with the fact that i might change the lyrics for a bit to fit my voice and timings you will be the only one mentioned for the lyrics)
Well anyone interested may pm me or leave comment