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Thread: Learning to freestyle rap

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    Learning to freestyle rap

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    I'm trying to learn to freestyle rap and gnerally i think i can think of rhymes at a reasonable pace, but the thing is what i'm freestyling never makes sense, whereas i see someone like Charles Hamilton who thinks up verses that makes sense on the spot with a decent level of complexity. Any tips?

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    Do it from the perspective of it becoming a fun challenge and know that lack of freestyle ability does not make an MC less of an MC nor does it mean that because someone can they are more of an MC. It is not something people are born with, it is to be practiced like all else relating to music. Best way to approach Hip Hop in this era is to not become a purist.
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    i'm not m a freestyler but an improviser on the guitar..
    it's the same with every art - just love it, do it, do it for hours (!) and years and it will be almost there.
    but never be satisfied with it, it would stop you from going on...

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    Also realize that a lot of "freestyles" are not true freestyles made up on the spot. Many people throw in rhymes that are similar to verses they've written before. Others straight up write verses and try to play it off like it just hit them... a lot of "fritten" rhymes out there
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    Id try rhyming exercises first. Like take a word any word and see how many words you can think of that rhyme with it within one minute and then try another word and another word and then revisit the first word and over time your brain will start memorise words...

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