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Thread: I Will Never Top feat. jk_wake_an_bak_shining_knight_Sharoyce

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    I Will Never Top feat. jk_wake_an_bak_shining_knight_Sharoyce

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    They gave me the last verse. What could i really say in 8 bars

    Yo man fight the streets-the fire's deep-I blaze the blanka
    twisted w/ a pistol, poppin pills and playin contra
    I'm loaded w/ a proper clip to serenade the coppers
    and I'm flamin for the chest- like a Waka Flocka robber
    Grip that gravitational force-***** i got the pull
    I be bench pressin elephants- drop kickin wolves
    I be ready for that half ass- the glock spit in full
    stop the bull****- my word processor's talkin bullets
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