Flow so potent- roll a doobie from my ashes./
cinematic notes- I wrote a movie for them crackers./
I spread my wings- religious bid war over the masters
viacom will close the captions over open casket
Conscious rap subliminal spit provokin bastards
Play me backwards- innocent hoes be sippin daquiris
and bust it open intoxicated- I'm at the back of it
Georgia knife massacre- I'm ****in like the rabbit's *****
I'm throwin up the diamond so they can put they eye in
Countin through the presidents while on the road to zion
I peddle my narcotics to the ghetto pigeons strivin
I bet they gonna buy it- It helps them close the eyelids
Wiretapped informant on the mic- good for the dry snitch
You aint sayin nothin till you
stealin from the brothers*