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Thread: The Definition of Goin In! L!ve and Blanco Freestyle

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    The Definition of Goin In! L!ve and Blanco Freestyle

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    A lotta niggaz is sleepin on my dog, L!ve, but he's still on the come up. Shout to Salsbury MD! Blanco did his thing on this one. Give me some feedback at tell me what yall think

    Cant forget
    X ray peer through walls for ripe coochie./
    from the land where brazirres come undone like Sushi./

    Morphine Roberts from "Fanage-a-toi"
    Slave Narrative EP 2007

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    hey sharoyce, can you give me L!ve's contact info, I wanna get him on one of my beats
    Check out my beats at
    Follow me on twitter at

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