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Thread: Call Me Kamikaze

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    Call Me Kamikaze

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    i'll be strapped with a bomb to my chest
    dieing for hip hop, we strive to be the best
    aces, and grand slams, atomics, and bad bands
    no relation if you take it that im taking things safe
    bang the coast, like a san fran quake
    homies try to hit me up and got slapped for days
    my road saw an end, but i could rap my way
    to the top, call me crazy, but im down to die
    pull the thin trigger, watch it blast me out
    suicide's when i die. when i crash the crown
    slaughter all the rappers, none last a round
    now im hustlin raps, no more passing pounds
    im ready for whatever, through the rain or any wheather
    assembled to an army full rappers that are clever
    cocking glocks and setting clocks, to further murder sellouts
    i'm a stalin style commi, kamikaze if i get off (get off)

    call me kamikaze, you can call me what you want.
    call me kamikaze, you can call me what you want.
    call me kamikaze, you can call me what you want.
    fallin any second, tryna die and go the heaven..

    never quit knockin teeth, never quick to resist
    when i slit my left wrist, show you all my red spit
    like a bomb prospect, best believe i won't miss
    dropping bombs on set, disregard the whole script
    rewrite the whole play, cuz the heavens got it wrong
    like a devil working worships, every seconds gotten robbed
    my fate is looking fishy, but a shark'll make it strong
    sendin seven men to see the Gods, to make us live long
    i see the world is fallin, fear it not, it's gunna hold
    a sacrafice is needed, we the people gotta go
    grab the trigga, pull the trigga - homie let the bullet blow!
    through the skull and through the brain, let your mind unfold
    imma hop up an a plane, and plummit all up on the planet
    kill the seeds i planted, i don't care we gotta vanish
    hiding in the shadows, through the pressure that we're planning
    human genocide, homie, while i'm fuc*ing rapping.


    feedback, advice; all appreciated!
    is this

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    the hook is cool, the second verse is harder than the first. it also sounds like your slurring your words a little. overall it's good, keep doing your thing and tune some things up.

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    work on the flow a lil, the ryhmes aint matching up perfect everytime

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    This kinda thing is hard to judge cuz like the one dude said the rhymes aren't matchin up perfectly always which is cool but it has to be done right and we have no way of knowing if you do it in a manner that actually sounds cool.

    Either way lyrics are average, nice work.

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