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Thread: I really need some help with this. I will provide feedback back no problem.

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    I really need some help with this. I will provide feedback back no problem.

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    This song may have lyrics added but I have no idea if the instrumentals themselves are ok enough. On top of that I have no idea how to space the words apart for this song. Long drawn out words/phrases or more moderate in speed singing/vocals.

    Please provide any feedback you got and give me a link to your post so I can give some feedback back your way.

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    hi, returning feedback

    overall pretty good, I like the mood, kinda memories evoking for me

    though it feels slightly monotone for its length, I would probably make some middle break, where drums wouldn't play or maybe change the drum pattern for a few bars.. or vocals would probably save it (I image that lo-fi kind with a lot of reverb and delay)

    I think that at 2:10 there is a some disharmony for like 2 seconds (or maybe just some interval unpleasant to my ears)

    around 2:30 there are some cool shenanigans going on in far right but they are really silent, I almost didn't catch them during the first playthrough.. otherwise the mixing is nice and clean

    hope this helps a bit and good luck with future production

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    For 4min instrumental there needs to be someting to keep the interest of the listener, but that can easy be fixed with right vocals from My experience, so its cool if You gonna put vocals over.
    1:56 1:57 that switchup in is too sharp for My taste.
    Other than that, I really enjoyed the thrack.

    For Me 2:10 sounds good on earphones and speakers.
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